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Toronto Truck Loan follows a unique approach to Truck and Trailers Loan/Leasing for New or used trucks near Toronto. We focus on customers!

Being in the business of Truck Finance/Leasing in Toronto area has made us understand the challenges faced by owner operators in today’s dynamic and
increasingly competitive transportation industry. So, we have gone and presented new offerings for every budget and business size. There are lots of
Financing/Leasing options to choose from plus personalized advice on truck Financing/Leasing.we provide truck financing and equipment leasing for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and related equipment












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Going Beyond Just Truck Financing

At Toronto Truck Loan, we provide truck financing and equipment leasing for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and related equipment.
We help you secure your favorite truck or trailer within days complete with financing.


Choose your favorite truck from any dealer of your choice whether it is a Peterbilt or Wester Star, Isuzu or Freightliner with Detroit engine. We will help you get the Financing done.

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Which trailer to match with your Freightliner? Get your new and used trailers from any dealer of your choice. Make your selection from Aluminum Hopper dumps, Tag-a-Long trailer etc. from Wilson, Great Dane or Timpte.and we will arrange the financing for you. apply now

Construction/Machinery Trailers

Have a unique requirement for transportation? Please find new and used construction/machinery equipment trailers that serve special purposes including dry bulk tanks and walking floor and we will arrange the Financing for you. apply now



When you want the best, you’re in the right place. Among truck/trailer financing companies companies in the greater GTA area, we have created a solid eputation for our dependable service, rapid loan processing, and transparent procedures. That’s why we have so many satisfied customers!

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What is lease financing?

Lease financing is a very common financing solution for businesses that need to acquire equipment. Repayments are spread over several months and are tax deductible.

How does lease financing work?

Lease financing is very simple, The purchaser chooses the equipment and the vendor, and fills out a one-page credit application form. A follow-up is conducted within 24 hours, and a final decision is issued shortly thereafter.

What are the advantages of lease financing?

There are five main advantages:

  1. A simple and quick financing application and approval process;
  2. Protection of your working capital (monthly rentals are much lower than the total cost of the equipment, and your line of credit remains intact);
  3. Your borrowing capacity from banks is preserved and can be used for financing that only them can provide;
  4. Your monthly rentals are tax deductible;
  5. Sales taxes do not apply when acquiring equipment.

I’m self-employed, an entrepreneur, the owner of a small business or a VSB… Is lease financing right for me?

Yes. Lease financing is a quick, simple commercial financing solution available to self-employed workers and to all companies, especially small businesses and VSBs. Thanks to lease financing, self-employed workers and companies can start to grow and make a profit quickly, while the equipment is paid for as it contributes to making this profit.

Why use lease financing?

Lease financing is a flexible, quick, simple, and efficient financing solution. It is better to preserve your borrowing capacity from banks for solutions that only banks can provide.


Jason White My brother Ramon got a truck financed from Toronto Truck Loan...He was impressed
with how helpful everyone was in the process and was very happy with my decision.
So, I decided to get a truck and ditto his comments."
Gurjeet Mangat "I must say that if it weren't for Toronto Truck Loan I would probably still be driving
for someone else. Thanks, Toronto Truck, for the
opportunity of a lifetime."
Balwinder Singh “My experience here has been great. This is my 3rd truck I have leased through
Toronto Truck Loan and their team has been very nice to work with. I have had no
problems with Toronto Truck Loan at all.”