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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- What is lease financing?

Lease financing is a very common financing solution for businesses that need to acquire equipment. Repayments are spread over several months and are tax deductible.

Q.2- How does lease financing work?

Lease financing is very simple, The purchaser chooses the equipment and the vendor, and fills out a one-page credit application form. A follow-up is conducted within 24 hours, and a final decision is issued shortly thereafter.

Q.3- What are the advantages of lease financing?

There are five main advantages:

  1. A simple and quick financing application and approval process;
  2. Protection of your working capital (monthly rentals are much lower than the total cost of the equipment, and your line of credit remains intact);
  3. Your borrowing capacity from banks is preserved and can be used for financing that only them can provide;
  4. Your monthly rentals are tax deductible;
  5. Sales taxes do not apply when acquiring equipment.

Q.4- I’m self-employed, an entrepreneur, the owner of a small business or a VSB… Is lease financing right for me?

Yes. Lease financing is a quick, simple commercial financing solution available to self-employed workers and to all companies, especially small businesses and VSBs. Thanks to lease financing, self-employed workers and companies can start to grow and make a profit quickly, while the equipment is paid for as it contributes to making this profit.

Q.5- Why use lease financing?

Lease financing is a flexible, quick, simple, and efficient financing solution. It is better to preserve your borrowing capacity from banks for solutions that only banks can provide.